Vaness'Art - artistic manager

A true jack-of-all-trades, Vanessa Bovet, director of Vaness'Art, is your privileged contact to introduce you to the talent of artist Kesh. As you'll discover on this site, Kesh's artistic level enables him to create frescoes and trompe l'oeil of an exceptional standard. He called on Vaness'Art to represent him, advise him and assist him in his artistic career. 

Vanessa Bovet manages for artist Kesh:

  • its representation 
  • the search for new mandates
  • managing your social networks
  • creation and management of your website
  • multimedia content creation
"It's not a question of painting life, but of bringing painting to life." Pierre Bonnard - Painter 1867-1947

This is what Vaness'Art offers you through the works of artist Kesh. Lively, vibrant frescoes.