5* Palafitte Hotel - Neuchâtel

Live painting realized on October 15, 2023, in the 5-star Palafitte Hotel in Neuchâtel during the exhibition of my paintings. This concept is available for team bulding, weddings, birthdays etc...

It's an artistic and convivial way to bring people together and keep an inspiring work of art that will be magnified by the finishing touches I bring to the canvas. 

Emirate Air Lines - Zurich Station

Live painting created for Emirates at Zürich railway station in 2015.

To celebrate the two new daily Emirate Air Lines A380 flights from Zurich, I had the pleasure of creating a unique 3D painting of the lounge/bar of this new aircraft. 

There's nothing like a live painting to make an impression and get people talking. Passers-by are intrigued. They ask questions, take photos, share on their networks. A different way to get noticed.